3D Rendering

3D Rendering

Elevate your ideas and transform your vision into reality. Our interior design expertise enables us to craft mesmerizing marketing renderings that surpass your expectations, regardless of the specificity of your concept. Additionally, we provide exceptional, site-matching professional photography to complement your project as needed.

3D Animation

3D Animation

Our team has the expertise to produce breathtaking 3D films that will provide you with a comprehensive and efficient way to navigate through your project.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality (VR)

With VR technology, we can create virtual walk-throughs of your proposed projects. This allows you to get a feel for the completed project before construction begins.

Our studio specializes in Commercial, Hospitality, Residential, Museums, and Retail projects, as well as personalized visions.

With a skilled team of architects and artists, we provide design guidance and work with concept imagery, either client-provided or created by us, to suit your target audience.

Process & Timeline

Consultation & Agreement

We'll discuss the project objectives and requirements in detail, and I'll provide a quote based on your needs.

Upon agreement, deposit, and receipt of the necessary assets, including floor plans, FF&E, and a preliminary 3D model if available (Revit, Rhino, Sketchup, 3ds Max, etc.), we'll start working on the design and view selects, which may take somewhere between 3 and 7 business days depending on the scope of work.

3D Production

Once the view selections have been finalized, we will incorporate lighting and materials and identify suitable furniture and architectural elements for your project. This phase may require approximately 3 to 7 business days to complete.


After your final approval, we will enhance details and provide a full high-quality image at 5k resolution along with necessary files in a convenient format. Delivery time depends on pre-final modifications, taking 1-5 business days.

Project Phases

View Selects

View Selects

During the initial phase, our main focus is to gather all the necessary information and set clear objectives for the project. To achieve this, we will conduct brainstorming sessions aimed at exploring all the elements of the project and identifying the best views for the 3D space.

Proof Of Concept / Pre-Final

Proof Of Concept / Pre-Final

Based on the approved concept, the real designing work starts. We will create a detailed 3D model, select the right materials, furniture, and fixtures to make sure that the design is visually appealing and functional. This will be presented as a preliminary 2k rendering, displaying these components under standard lighting conditions.



After a thorough review of the final image, we will meticulously refine every detail to ensure perfection. Once you have granted your approval, we will submit the final 5k files, and your project will be fully prepared for handover.

Why arttviz

Design Guidance
Whether you already have a design in mind or not, I can provide guidance throughout the entire process and ultimately create a custom design that aligns with your specific goals. By carefully considering your target audience and taking into account your desired aesthetic, I will develop a design that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Flexible Timeline
As someone who understands the importance of timely delivery in this industry, I prioritize swift turnaround times while ensuring exceptional quality standards. I take into account the project's complexity and carefully establish key milestones that will work for both of us, giving you peace of mind that your project will be delivered on time and to a high standard.

New York Based
My office is located in New York, which offers a strategic advantage for your project. Being in the city allows me to be readily available at any time, attend in-person meetings at a moment's notice, and capture site-specific photography or backplates quickly and efficiently. My location provides a competitive edge that can enhance the overall success of your project.

Effective Communication
Communication is key! Open and timely communication is critical to the success of your project. Rest assured, I will prioritize clear and effective communication with you every step of the way. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me directly, and I will be happy to assist you promptly.

Additional Services

About arttviz

Welcome to my world of 3D architectural visualization, VR tours & interior design. Since 2010, I have been honing my skills in New York City and have worked with some of the biggest real estate marketing agencies, architecture, and developer firms. With extensive experience in designing commercial, retail, hospitality, residential, and lab spaces, I can transform your ideas into life. My clients can expect top-quality results in the shortest possible time frame. Let's take a look at my services and how I can help you. [Teresa Cacho]

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